Finally a proven 5 step method for ambitious leaders that increases confidence, clarity, and alignment when dating to be able to attract soulmate love.

The Manifest Love Formula™ Online Digital Course





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Imagine - in just a few weeks you’ll be aligning your energy, mind, & body to your dream relationship … and all the confidence that comes with knowing how to tune to your desires of soulmate love.

  • No more feeling stuck….wondering if you’ll ever find the right relationship
  • ​No more frustration with the dating scene or feeling like you’re spinning your wheels chasing the wrong guys…
  • ​No more second guessing yourself or questioning whether you can trust yourself when it comes to dating….
  • ​If you’re ready to be the fullness of who you are, unapologetically, and attract love from a place of self leadership and self love, then let's get started!

This is your next aligned step! You’ll have the right mindset, clarity, and confidence plus you’ll have access to the digital course for life to help you attract soulmate love from an aligned place using your most powerful tool…. The Law Of Attraction!

The lasting transformation of The Manifest Love Formula™ is more than being able to elevate your clarity, confidence, and alignment to call in love...
It’s the foundation of you creating a deep lasting love relationship with yourself and with life. It is about helping you BE THE ONE if you want to attract the one. 

In relationships, your alignment (ie. vibration, frequency, energy) is EVERYTHING!! LOVE is a vibration, an energy that you can TUNE TO… like you tune to a radio channel…. But you must know how to get on it’s frequency.

You must practice the vibration of LOVE.

You do not manifest what you want… you manifest what you ARE and what you Be…when you decide that you’re available for the kind of loving relationship you deserve, AND you align your beliefs and feelings to having it, results happen faster than you can imagine!!

Even if you never want to have a serious long term relationship, The Manifest Love Formula™ is created to help you develop the inner clarity and confidence to know what you want both in life and love….AND to know exactly how to mentally, emotionally, and energetically align with it so you can experience more of your desires in physical reality!

Single women and men from around the country including newly single, divorced, busy parents, and driven leaders have all upleveled themselves and their relationships by following Michele’s transformational coaching and implementable systems.
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Clients have reported various transformative results, such as:
  • Skyrocketing their confidence
  • Deepening self love
  • Increasing their happiness, fun and fulfillment in life
  • ​Manifesting more quality dates
  • ​Attracting Soulmate love
  • ​Marrying their Soulmate
  • Creating crystal clarity with what they want in love
  • ​Leaving a toxic relationship
  • ​Opening up to new opportunities in business
  • ​Forgiving, healing, and connecting back to self & their purpose
  • ​And so much more
Don’t let the words MANIFEST & ALIGNMENT freak you out. We’re not talking about being perfect in order to attract love.
In fact just the opposite… it’s a returning to your authenticity & true magnetism.

You can absolutely manifest your desires, including a dream relationship if that is what you want.

I’ve done it, my clients have done it, and you can too!

I am no different than you! There’s nothing special or unique about me… I just happened to figure out a process that’s worked for me and other powerful influential women, just like you, who I’ve worked with.

This process is about recoding your system to be receptive to soul-guided love in all forms... from the inside out...however it may look.

I believe you are deserving of epic love…the kind your heart has been speaking to you about!

You wouldn’t have that kind of desire in your soul if there wasn’t a way to experience it in your reality….PERIOD!

It’s why you’re here, Gorgeous! We're having this conversation right now because LOVE is part of your Soul’s path here on earth!

And I’m going to be completely honest with you… you’re on an evolutionary journey of transformation that comes with realizing this desire. In fact, by pursuing this desire, you open up to deeper levels of self love and acceptance that brings fulfilling gifts far beyond your imagination!! I know it because I’ve been on this journey too. It’s magical, magnificent, and it can be super challenging at times, as well!

So I’m here to help you!

The Manifest Love Formula™ is the key to making everything you’re already doing in your love life, finally work! To help you develop next level clarity, confidence, and alignment and create Empowered Healthy Relationships… starting with self.”

The Manifest Love Formula™ Online Digital Course





00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
In this PROVEN System, you’ll learn how to:

 PHASE 1: CLARIFY & DECIDE what you want in a healthy loving relationship

You need to clarify, decide, and design what you want in a healthy relationship… otherwise the universe and your Reticular Activating System (the part of your brain that hones in your focus) will show you a bunch of men that will allow you to decide as you go… but why waste all that precious time.

You still need to feel into, flirt with, and clarify what you desire so you can align w/ that frequency. To train your brain to know what to look for, so when he shows up, you don’t pass him by! In module one of my MANifest Love Formula™, I give you my Clarity Cure For Designing Your Dream Relationship so you can create the love you desire and not leave it up to chance.

How to create certainty which leads to confidence. Design your new love story on your terms!

 PHASE 2: CLEAN up the love blocks keeping you from intimacy 

You’ll solve the problem of your sabotaging love blocks that keep you stuck by going through my Clear Your Love Blocks Blueprint and learning how to dissolve and release them instantly!

How to release these unconscious sabotaging patterns, and how you can attract what you actually desire.

 PHASE 3: CREATE your compelling love vision by uncovering your love values

The challenge many women and men face is that you don’t know your unconscious drivers that are literally controlling you and your relationship’s success…it’s your VALUES in the area of Love and Relationships. And you need to create an aligned VISION with those values to give your mind a target, direction, an aim and feeling. Without it, you’ll attract a lot of options. That’s why in Module 3 you are given the Alignment Accelerator to discover your unconscious love values and create a compelling vision that literally draws your partner to you.

How to uncover your Love Values driving your every move and create a powerful vision that aligns with it so you stop wasting time dating misaligned men and start attracting vibrational matches.

 PHASE 4: COMMIT to Yourself: ie. your purpose, your passions, & your vision

The other issue you’ll encounter is you could risk losing yourself in a relationship if you haven’t committed to your purpose, passions, and vision. That’s how dissatisfaction creeps in in relationships. You invest all this time energy and effort to attract love only to lose yourself in that dynamic is very unfulfilling and causes a lot of heart ache. You want to become your own Soulmate and practice radical Self Love. By aligning with who you really are, what lights you up, and what fuels you, you’ll ensure that you attract a partner who matches that energy. In Module 4 I give you access to my Magnetic Confidence Creator that creates next level confidence with who you are, your purpose, passions, and personal vision.

How to develop more confidence & trust within yourself when you date so you don’t lose yourself in relationships. You’ll develop a willingness and a habit to do what it takes to manifest your vision from an aligned place. Literally becoming your own Soulmate

 PHASE 5: TAKE CHARGE of your love life

It doesn’t end there….You could still create a misaligned relationship if you don’t have the empowering habits, a confident mindset, and magnetic strategies to rise higher in love with self while attracting the relationship you desire and deserve. That’s why in Module 5 you get access to my Attraction Accelerator which helps you with habits, mindset, energy and strategies of attraction from an aligned space.

Empowering habits, a confident mindset, and magnetic strategies to deepen into love with self while creating the relationship you desire and deserve. Have the tools to be successful in dating that support you and your future partner. Here’s where you tune into the frequency of LOVE consistently.

Through out the program, you'll use a 5 phased proven process that helps you breakthrough your love blocks, create magnetic confidence, and attract a relationship that’s aligned with who you really are.
This online program is designed to immerse you in shifting your energy, mind, and body to align with soulmate love.

It’s set up in a 5 phase, 13 module digital course which includes life time access to a private members area w/ training modules & implementation guides.

The Manifest Love Formula™ Online Digital Course





00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Here's What Other's Are Saying About Michele's Coaching

Marley Jaxx

Top Branding Expert, Entrepreneur, CEO

"Working with Michele became one of the most profound coaching experiences I've ever had! The transformation within is like a night and day difference! So much has changed ...for the better! She gave me tools, resources, belief... she helped me see what was already inside of myself.  The experience was incredible!  I'm so honored to have worked with her.  If you have the opportunity to coach with Michele...TAKE IT!  You'll be transformed!"

Sarah Marie

Brand Coach, Speaker, Performer, Ms. Colorado

"Coaching with Michele has been hugely transformative!  After a heartbreaking end to a long-term relationship, Michele helped me to call more FUN & PLAY into my life.  I attracted my incredible partner soon after she taught me how to break past all the blocks that were holding me back from being fully and deeply loved by a man. While we of course have our ups and downs, it’s the most beautiful, fulfilling and rewarding relationship I’ve ever been in! We're now ENGAGED!!"

Darlene Clancy

Former NFL Cheerleader, Alumni Board Member

Michele has impacted my life in so many ways. After the birth of my 2nd son I began feeling overwhelmed, confused, and I lost my confidence. I realized I had been suffering from postpartum depression. When my husband gifted me a coaching program with Michele, my thoughts were constantly negative, angry and full of doubt. But I was willing to change and had complete trust in Michele. Thanks to her coaching, I have gained confidence and learned to reprogram my thoughts which have already produced so many positive outcomes!! Thanks to Michele I learned how to become my greatest cheerleader!

Selina Zavier

Business Consultant

"When I started coaching with Michele, oh my gosh, I was so hidden from the world!  I wore my hair up in a bun and I wore clothes that hid my figure... I was just hiding from the world and in particular, the world of men.  After taking one of her courses, and. having Michele work with me.. my hair came down. I started to feel sexy and feminine... and I started showing up in the world in a whole new way!  My confidence came back and I finally allowed myself to receive love!!  If you get an opportunity to take a course with Michele, enroll!! It will change your life!

Anne Marie Liebman

Founder & Styling Consultant, SheStylesCO

“I am so grateful for Michele! Her coaching on life and how everything is a co-creation has helped me so much over the last few years! Her energy, love and empathy is always so present. In times when I’ve needed support, she has showed up in a way I’ve never experienced before!  She has helped me acknowledge that even in the challenging times of life and love, it’s okay to really feel emotion…to let it happen.  It’s simply energy moving through so perfectly in order for me to expand to the next level of myself. I’m so thankful for Michele and the growth I’ve experienced!"
 BONUS 1:  VIP DAY Virtual Event: Bringing SEXY Back + Men's Q&A Panel 
($2000 value)
 BONUS 1: BELOVED 10 Day Self Love Challenge Recordings 
($997 value)
Get access for life to the Self Love Challenge and deepen into your own Self Love, Connect to your source of Love, Prosperity, & Turn-On, Breakthrough core scarcity Love Blocks, Embody your Feminine and Masculine Essence and so much more. 

Go through the guided trainings, visualizations, activations, and meditations at your leisure.

Get this for FREE when you enroll today! 

 BONUS 2: Love Attractor Secrets 
($497 value)
Uncensored 2-Hour LOVE Attractor Audio
This exclusive live training was taught to a private VIP women's group who had invested over $4000 each to be members of that organization.  In this recording you'll learn the exact twin flame process I used to call in my Divine Partner, you'll hear real time coaching on issues that sabotage women, and you'll learn a powerful clearing process to release your love blocks!

Get this for FREE when you enroll today! 

 BONUS 3: Confident Self Talk Ebook 
($27 value)
Your Words Are Your Magic Wand!
What you tell yourself matters!  Literally, we create our reality with our words, thoughts, and emotions.  Learn the 6 steps to change your life by changing the the way you speak to yourself!  It's time to decide and declare what you want, Love!

Get this for FREE when you enroll today! 

Here's What Other's Are Saying About  Michele's Coaching


Real Estate Expert & Entrepreneur

Michele's program changed my life! It really works!! And faster than I was ever expecting!!!  I fell deeper in love with myself, developed better communication skills, healed past wounds, and connected to my own self love! I even connected to a higher sense of purpose!  As an added bonus, I started attracting higher caliber relationships ....better than I could've ever imagined!  


Bank Vice President

Michele's program changed my life! 

That's how I met my unicorn (relationship)! I'm sooo damn happy and love this man!
When you join, you’ll receive one email with your log-in and immediate access to the online training private members area that includes everything you’ll need to get started including our Course Accelerator Intro videos and guides.

Training Videos

Implementation Guides

10 Day Self Love Challenge


PLUS 12 group ZOOM Q&As with Michele and guest speakers.





00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Here's What Other's Are Saying About  Michele's Coaching

Jaki Royal

Professional Athlete, Entrepreneur, & Intuitive

Michele Ariana is an amazing coach in many facets and in particular in romantic relationships. It’s what has helped me the most!  I’ve had NLP sessions with her that have completely shifted my outlook on how I am showing up on a daily basis! The most pivotal advice she ever gave me was to, “allow myself to fantasize about my perfect partner.” About a week later I attracted someone into my life I never thought I could!!! 

Sammy Tagget

Entertainer, Artist, Founder of The Evolved Performer

Michele Ariana took me on an incredible inward journey that has really helped me understand the power of the unconscious mind. 

I had an old limiting story that I was telling myself around building a strong romantic relationship, & we put that old story to rest this weekend!
1. I’ve tried other programs, I’m not sure this will work?”

If you can’t trust yourself to watch the short training videos and follow my instructions as I show you exactly how to create clarity, confidence, and alignment in your love life so you can attract the relationship you desire, it’s best if you don’t do this program at this time. But if you’re ready to have a breakthrough in this area and this is calling to you, we welcome you.”

You’ll learn to trust yourself again, you’ll learn your exact unique relationship drivers that are controlling your love life, and you’ll be able to speak the hidden languages of the mind & heart, using NLP, so you can rewiring your nervous system to magnetize love…. Plus more.

2. I’m too busy / Not good timing?

Great news! All the trainings are recorded so you can watch at your convenience.

3. What if I can’t afford it?

What’s the cost of staying stuck?
What's the cost of feeling doubt, confusion, frustration?
.....Cost of losing self, your identity, purpose, & passion from being with the wrong person?
.....Cost of missed opportunities that would have come if you were in alignment with self?
.....Cost of your fulfillment, happiness, wasting precious time and money…

Can you afford not to invest in yourself and this area?

The average coast of Therapy is $10K-15K a year (times that by 5 -10 years... that adds up)
Time investment in the wrong/bad relationship…$1000s of dollars & may cost them your dreams
Financial investment in the wrong/bad relationship… $1000s of dollars if you bought things together
 Divorce, if in a misaligned relationship, …ave. $15K+ according to BankRate Survey… I’ve had clients pay over $450,000 up to $1,000,000 in their nasty divorces all from being out of alignment!! 

YIKES, right! 

What’s a few hundred dollars to get into alignment, clear and congruent in order to attract the right relationship compared to hundreds of thousands of $?  Not to mention the COST of your time, energy, and well being!

What’s in the way IS the WAY…. Doubt, lack, disbelief = a closed off heart …. That’s what keeps people from partnership…and other things good things…we call it a HAVINGNESS level and you learn about that in the bonus module of Manifest Love Formula™… can you really afford NOT to invest in yourself and your love life?

4. I understand that when I put in the work and implement the systems, I will see results with The Manifest Love Formula™, but how many hours should I be setting aside?

This program is created to support learning at your own pace… it’s online and available when ever you want to learn. I recommend doing it consistently to really immerse yourself in the energy and frequency of love. There will be recordings of the ZOOM Q & As so you won’t miss a thing.

Author of The Ambitious Woman’s Guide To Love™, Founder of MPOWER Your Life™ & Host of MPOWER TV™, Michele Ariana has been helping women transform their relationships, starting with themselves, for over 11 years.

She is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Co-Producer of the Total Transformation Show, 'Not Just A Hair Cut’, and known as “The Attraction Queen.”

Michele works with ambitious driven women & men who want to attract love, but feel like: 
~ They may never find the right one,
~ They’re tired of being disappointed in relationships,
~ And, they’re afraid of wasting more time... and...

She shows them HOW TO breakthrough the sabotaging love blocks, create magnetic confidence, and attract a relationship that’s aligned with who they REALLY are!

After growing through bullying, debilitating anxiety, low self esteem, divorce, and health issues, she’s discovered the truth that we are POWERFUL, Love is POSSIBLE, and all healthy relationships start with SELF! It's everyone’s birth right to create the most extraordinary life imaginable .... especially in LOVE!
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  • BONUS 1: BELOVED 10 Day Self Love Challenge Recordings ($997 Value)
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