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For centuries we’ve been taught to look outside of ourselves for fulfillment… that we’re lacking in everything… from our health, wealth, and even in our love lives.

In a world that constantly reinforces messages of not being good enough through media, advertising, our upbringing, and at times our own inner voice… most of us were encouraged to look externally for answers … for cures… for happiness…for abundance… for love...for significance….even for spirituality ... the list goes on!

Where do we find a stable foundation?!

The non stop messages of “you’re not enough without ________(fill in the blank) this anti aging product, that youth serum, this injection, that relationship, this pill, potion, and lotion… believe me, I’ve bought into it too.

I’m not saying anyone is a villain or that we’re victims.
I’m grateful for resources and solutions that are accessible to people. It’s just the scarcity mindset that we have bought is what's unhealthy. 

It’s time to rise.

The constant bombardment of limiting beliefs of inferiority, inadequacy and lack has lead us to believe that we’re unworthy, unlovable, and undeserving of love.

That then leads to feelings of shame, comparing ourselves, and trying to get the love we so deeply crave from some source outside of us.

This toxic wild goose chase of external fulfillment always ends the same…feeling unfulfilled, disappointed, and never seeming to attain what you want.

It’s like Merry go round of misery.

When are we going to decide to get off this shitty ride?
To change the game?
To rewrite the script?

It’s no wonder mental health issues are at an all time high. We were never taught who we REALLY are or where TRUE love, abundance, and safety comes from.

Well… That all changes today.

The remedy I have found comes down to one simple daily practiced habit …. SELF LOVE… (I said simple, NOT EASY)!

This is the journey that I believe we all most go on at some point in our life times.

It’s the answer, cure, resolution, golden ticket, magic bullet, secret of the ages……. It starts with acknowledging WHO YOU ARE and practicing SELF LOVE. This is what we were never taught… and frankly, it’s just not encouraged in our society…. YET.

And so, it’s up to us… the light leaders, conscious goddesses/gods, who have woken up to the fact that NOTHING IS OUTSIDE OF US!

Creation starts within. (Which is GREAT NEWS!)

If you want to manifest a life and relationship that aligns with who you REALLY are…. Then this is the foundation for creating that!

You must BE the ONE…in order to manifest ‘The One’.

So if you’re ready to tap into your deep reservoir of love, power, and potent energy to create a life (and LOVE LIFE) you are widely obsessed with, lets get started in the Self Love Handbook!!!

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The Self Love Handbook

If you want to increase your understanding and awareness of Self Love, respect, confidence, and appreciation, The Self Love Handbook is for you!  You'll get a digital copy of the Self Love Handbook to help you boost your SELF-ESTEEM & SELF IMAGE! When you practice Self Love and live into that energy, you attract partners who match that aligned frequency.

If you make the leap and download this amazing Self Love Handbook, the results will be transformative. You will be shown -

  • How to master thoughts and emotions
  • ​5 of the best self-love exercises
  • How to master your habits and compound them for an exceptional life.
  • Why thoughts are the ultimate ‘habit’ to master
  • ​4 things to find your inner self in the quickest way possible
  • ​​A better understanding of what self-love is, and what it is not.
  • ​​The difference between self-esteem and self-love
  • ​​Practical ways to build self-love on a daily basis
  • ​The inner mechanics of self-esteem
  • ​How to steadily build self-esteem and confidence
  • ​The essential stepping stones to achieve higher states of awareness
  • ​7 practical ways to build self-esteem
  • ​Ways that people sabotage themselves that you need to avoid
  • How reality is just a state of perception
  • ​The difference between the law of attraction and shadow work
  • ​Why you need to start focusing on yourself more
  • ​The best creativity and imagination tools to expand your awareness
  • ​Effective purification techniques
  • ​The power of intuition, and how to hone it.
  • ​Why you need to love everyone
  • ​Why you should leave everyone to their own devices
  • ​A list of additional resources for inspiration
  • ​How the subconscious mind works and how to manipulate it.
  • ​That life is fun and meant to be enjoyed And much more!


View or print this handy checklist so that you can check off each point. It is like a summary of the entire guide but in actionable, bite-sized points so that you can successfully get through the course.


You'll also get access to a list of top sites, blogs, forums, tools, apps and services to get you even further.


A quick glance over this mindmap and you'll get an instant refresher of all the major points and action steps from the main guide
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Here's What Other's Are Saying About  Michele's Coaching

Marley Jaxx

Top Branding Expert, Entrepreneur, CEO

"Working with Michele became one of the most profound coaching experiences I've ever had! The transformation within is like a night and day difference! So much has changed ...for the better! She gave me tools, resources, belief... she helped me see what was already inside of myself.  The experience was incredible!  I'm so honored to have worked with her.  If you have the opportunity to coach with Michele...TAKE IT!  You'll be transformed!"

Sarah Marie

Brand Coach, Speaker, Performer, Ms. Colorado

"Coaching with Michele has been hugely transformative!  After a heartbreaking end to a long-term relationship, Michele helped me to call more FUN & PLAY into my life.  I attracted my incredible partner soon after she taught me how to break past all the blocks that were holding me back from being fully and deeply loved by a man. While we of course have our ups and downs, it’s the most beautiful, fulfilling and rewarding relationship I’ve ever been in! We're now ENGAGED!!"

Jaki Royal

Professional Athlete, Entrepreneur, & Intuitive

"Michele Ariana is an amazing coach in many facets and in particular in romantic relationships. It’s what has helped me the most!  I’ve had NLP sessions with her that have completely shifted my outlook on how I am showing up on a daily basis! The most pivotal advice she ever gave me was to, “allow myself to fantasize about my perfect partner.” About a week later I attracted someone into my life I never thought I could!!!”" 

Darlene Clancy

Former NFL Cheerleader, Alumni Board Member

Michele has impacted my life in so many ways. After the birth of my 2nd son I began feeling overwhelmed, confused, and I lost my confidence. I realized I had been suffering from postpartum depression. When my husband gifted me a coaching program with Michele, my thoughts were constantly negative, angry and full of doubt. But I was willing to change and had complete trust in Michele. Thanks to her coaching, I have gained confidence and learned to reprogram my thoughts which have already produced so many positive outcomes!! Thanks to Michele I learned how to become my greatest cheerleader!

Selina Zavier

Business Consultant

"When I started coaching with Michele, oh my gosh, I was so hidden from the world!  I wore my hair up in a bun and I wore clothes that hid my figure... I was just hiding from the world and in particular, the world of men.  After taking one of her courses, and. having Michele work with me.. my hair came down. I started to feel sexy and feminine... and I started showing up in the world in a whole new way!  My confidence came back and I finally allowed myself to receive love!!  If you get an opportunity to take a course with Michele, enroll!! It will change your life!

Anne Marie Liebman

Founder & Styling Consultant, SheStylesCO

“I am so grateful for Michele! Her coaching on life and how everything is a co-creation has helped me so much over the last few years! Her energy, love and empathy is always so present. In times when I’ve needed support, she has showed up in a way I’ve never experienced before!  She has helped me acknowledge that even in the challenging times of life and love, it’s okay to really feel emotion…to let it happen.  It’s simply energy moving through so perfectly in order for me to expand to the next level of myself. I’m so thankful for Michele and the growth I’ve experienced!"
Author of The Ambitious Woman’s Guide To Love™, Founder of MPOWER Your Life™ & Host of MPOWER TV™, Michele Ariana has been helping women transform their relationships, starting with themselves, for over 11 years.

She is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Co-Producer of the Total Transformation Show, 'Not Just A Hair Cut’, and known as “The Attraction Queen.”

Michele works with ambitious driven women who want to attract love, but feel like: 
~ They may never find the right one,
~ They’re tired of being disappointed in relationships,
~ And, they’re afraid of wasting more time... and...

She shows them HOW TO breakthrough the sabotaging love blocks, create magnetic confidence, and attract a relationship that’s aligned with who they REALLY are!

After growing through bullying, debilitating anxiety, low self esteem, divorce, and health issues, she’s discovered the truth that we are POWERFUL, Love is POSSIBLE, and all healthy relationships start with SELF! It's everyone’s birth right to create the most extraordinary life imaginable .... especially in LOVE!
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