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Author of The Ambitious Woman’s Guide To Love™, Founder of MPOWER Your Life™ & Host of MPOWER TV™, Michele Ariana has been helping women transform their relationships, starting with themselves, for over 10 years.

She is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Co-Producer of the Total Transformation Show, 'Not Just A Hair Cut’, and known as “The Attraction Queen.”

Michele works with ambitious driven women who want to attract their soulmates, but feel like: 
~ They may never find the right one,
~ They’re tired of being disappointed in relationships,
~ And, they’re afraid of wasting more time... and...
She shows them HOW TO breakthrough their sabotaging love blocks, create magnetic confidence, and attract a relationship that’s aligned with who they REALLY are!

After growing through bullying, debilitating anxiety, low self esteem, divorce, and health issues, she’s discovered the truth that we are POWERFUL, Love is POSSIBLE, and all healthy relationships start with SELF! It's everyone’s birth right to create the most extraordinary life imaginable .... especially in LOVE!
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