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BELOVED is an immersive 10 day Self Love experience where you’ll journey to the depths of your heart, release core scarcity love blocks, rewrite your love story, and reclaim the divine love within yourself!

I’m so excited to play together during this experience of returning home to yourself…To a sacred place of wholeness, creativity, confidence, and divine love that has been with you for eons!

You will have the tools to awaken to your magnetism and manifest anything you desire on this earth … including evolved romantic relationships!

And it all starts with SELF!


I use powerful NLP techniques (Neuro Linguistic Programing) to help upgrade your nervous system to Self Love. We’ll travel back through our timelines using MER™ (Mental Emotional Release™) to heal core wounds, while rewriting your love story by creating memories of the ‘future’.

You will begin to embody your feminine essence, tap into your turn-on, breakthrough core love blocks, expand your pleasure centers, and experience deep lasting love, starting with self!

Are you ready to magnetize & receive love far greater than you can imagine!?
You are going to learn how to tap into the deep reservoir of where our true power, creativity, and magnetism comes from.

This program invites you to have a willingness to

Be open to Self Love 

Believe it is possible for you

This is for women who are ready to create an epic relationship … starting with Self

To finally harmonize their feminine power, shed the self imposed limitations, and be their own BELOVED so they can rise in love and magnetize desires from that aligned place.

What you’ll get in this 10 Day Experience:

Daily Self Love Affirmations

Self Love Activations & Guidance

Self Love Mentorship with Guest Speakers

Self Love Meditations


And more

This is your year for LOVE! If you’re found this page, than this is your sign that Love in ALL it’s abundant forms is trying to make it’s way to you!
You manifested this!
This is your answer to what you’ve been asking, intending, and even praying for!

The journey begins right now when you say YES to yourself and decide that LOVE is possible … that all your heart's desires can be made manifest!

If you desire to rise higher in love with yourself…. It’s possible!
If you desire to attract a romantic partnership … it’s possible!
If you just desire to have more fun, explore the dating scene, and attract more aligned dates… IT’S POSSIBLE!!

And it all starts with YOU, Babe!
It starts with the source of where TRUE love actually comes from!

You’re in the right place!

The BELOVED Self Love Challenge is the journey to rising higher and resting deeper in love with SELF. It’s the initiation of being your own BELOVED… and finally choosing that you deserve to BE LOVED as you are, for who you are…

Ready to enter into the chamber of your own heart…. 
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Michele Ariana

Love Attraction Coach,
NLP Master Practitioner,
Creator of The Manifest Love Formula™

Mon Feb. 20 @ 10a Pacific (11a MT, 12p CT, 1p ET) 
Tues Feb. 21 @ 10a Pacific (11a MT, 12p CT, 1p ET) 
Wed Feb. 22 @ 10a Pacific (11a MT, 12p CT, 1p ET) 
Thurs Feb. 23 @ 10a Pacific (11a MT, 12p CT, 1p ET)
Fri Feb. 24 @ 10a Pacific (11a MT, 12p CT, 1p ET) 

Mon Feb. 27 @ 10a Pacific (11a MT, 12p CT, 1p ET) 
Tues Feb. 28 @ 10a Pacific (11a MT, 12p CT, 1p ET) 
Wed Mar.  1 @ 10a Pacific (11a MT, 12p CT, 1p ET) 
Thur Mar.  2 @ 10a Pacific (11a MT, 12p CT, 1p ET)
Fri Mar.  3 @ 10a Pacific (11a MT, 12p CT, 1p ET) 


KellyAnne Zielinski

 Self Leadership & Business Mentor

Since 2013 KellyAnne has been supporting coaches in becoming Self Led CEO's by turning their genius into sellable and scalable offers so that they could:

~ Live the vibe of doing meaningful, purposeful work by supporting a LOT of clients & students...
~ Make a crap-ton of money and experience the exact lifestyle they want ... 
~ Create a business structure that has their back (masculine) which opens up space for creativity and flow (feminine).

Her coaching style gently harmonizes Self Leadership and business... being and doing... spirituality and practicality.

Sierra J Sullivan

Empowerment Mentor & Portal Priestess

Throughout 20 years in service to the re-emergence of the divine feminine, Sierra has successfully helped women all over the world to embrace more of who they are through the art of pleasure, play, fun and ritual as a powerful and effective way to create their dreams and desires.

Her mission is to eradicate pussy shame from the planet and support women in claiming the divinity of their sacred portals and awakening to the mystery and majesty that can be found in the divine design of a woman’s flower. 

She is also the co-founder of Eden World a private membership club for evolutionary couples that supports building more loving relationships and a world that works for everyone. 

Minling Chuang

Quantum Expansion & Multidimensional Business Mentor

Minling is the Founder of Elevate U & Brand Fame and helps conscious visionary leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs align their energetic field to become magnetic powerhouses.

Blending her years of experience in corporate branding and her vast training in various quantum energy healing modalities, Minling uniquely supports her clients to unlock their next level of greatness to receive higher levels of prosperity & happiness while fulfilling their deep passion and purpose in life.

Minling holds an MBA from Indiana University and a BA from the University of Southern California. She is certified in Quantum Healing, Quantum Flow, Quantum Magic, Psych-K, Dreamporting, and Sacred Soul Alignment.

She also has been featured on Forbes, Mindvalley, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, VoyageLA, numerous podcasts, and spoken at various events in the US.

Tanya Dawson

Real Estate Expert & Entrepreneur

For the past 10 years Tanya has been dedicated to helping her community invest and build wealth through real estate. 
As a market leader in her industry Tanya has built a reputation for her savvy negotiations, uncompromising integrity, and cutting edge marketing strategies. 

Tanya’s mission is being of service to those around her both personally and professionally. She finds pleasure in building relationships, wealth, and giving back to her community.

Adrienne Grace

Mindset & High-Performance Coach

Adrienne helps high achieving professionals and entrepreneurs become leaders in their field and make quantum leaps in their business, finances, personal growth and impact.

Adrienne spent 16 years in the finance industry as a successful, high performing VP of Sales. She now works with driven, successful people who feel burned out or not living up to their potential, get connected to their purpose, perform at their peak and live with more freedom & joy.

She coaches on the proven program Thinking Into Results from the Proctor Gallagher Institute that has helped thousands of companies and individuals around the world improve their results.      

 What Others Are Saying About Michele's Programs 

Darlene Clancy

Former NFL Cheerleader, Alumni Board Member

Michele has impacted my life in so many ways. After the birth of my 2nd son I began feeling overwhelmed, confused, and I lost my confidence. I realized I had been suffering from postpartum depression. When my husband gifted me a coaching program with Michele, my thoughts were constantly negative, angry and full of doubt. But I was willing to change and had complete trust in Michele. Thanks to her coaching, I have gained confidence and learned to reprogram my thoughts which have already produced so many positive outcomes!! Thanks to Michele I learned how to become my greatest cheerleader!

Selina Zavier

Business Consultant

"When I started coaching with Michele, oh my gosh, I was so hidden from the world!  I wore my hair up in a bun and I wore clothes that hid my figure... I was just hiding from the world and in particular, the world of men.  After taking one of her courses, and. having Michele work with me.. my hair came down. I started to feel sexy and feminine... and I started showing up in the world in a whole new way!  My confidence came back and I finally allowed myself to receive love!!  If you get an opportunity to take a course with Michele, enroll!! It will change your life!

Anne Marie Liebman

Founder & Styling Consultant, SheStylesCO

“I am so grateful for Michele! Her coaching on life and how everything is a co-creation has helped me so much over the last few years! Her energy, love and empathy is always so present. In times when I’ve needed support, she has showed up in a way I’ve never experienced before!  She has helped me acknowledge that even in the challenging times of life and love, it’s okay to really feel emotion…to let it happen.  It’s simply energy moving through so perfectly in order for me to expand to the next level of myself. I’m so thankful for Michele and the growth I’ve experienced!"

Marley Jaxx

Top Branding Expert, Entrepreneur, CEO

"Working with Michele became one of the most profound coaching experiences I've ever had! The transformation within is like a night and day difference! So much has changed ...for the better! She gave me tools, resources, belief... she helped me see what was already inside of myself.  The experience was incredible!  

I'm so honored to have worked with her.  If you have the opportunity to coach with Michele...TAKE IT!  You'll be transformed!"

Sarah Marie

Brand Coach, Speaker, Performer, Ms. Colorado

"Coaching with Michele has been hugely transformative!  After a heartbreaking end to a long-term relationship, Michele helped me to call more FUN & PLAY into my life.  I attracted my incredible partner soon after she taught me how to break past all the blocks that were holding me back from being fully and deeply loved by a man. While we of course have our ups and downs, it’s the most beautiful, fulfilling and rewarding relationship I’ve ever been in! 

We're now ENGAGED!!

Tanya Dawson

Real Estate Expert & Entrepreneur

 Michele's program changed my life! It really works!! And faster than I was ever expecting!!! 

I fell deeper in love with myself, developed better communication skills, healed past wounds, and connected to my own self love! I even connected to a higher sense of purpose!  

As an added bonus, I started attracting higher caliber relationships ....better than I could've ever imagined!  
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Over 10 Days You'll Learn How To:
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  •  Tap into your Turn-On
  • ​Breakthrough core scarcity Love Blocks
  •  Embody your Feminine Essence  
  •  Create your up leveled Self Image
  • ​Magnetize dates from an Aligned Place
  • ​Experience deep lasting love, starting with Self
  •  and so much more...
You'll Receive:
  • Daily Self Love Activations & Mentorship
  • ​Self Love Affirmations & Meditations
  • ​Embodiment Exercises
  • ​and more!
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Author of The Ambitious Woman’s Guide To Love™, Founder of MPOWER Your Life™ & Host of MPOWER TV™, Michele Ariana has been helping women transform their relationships, starting with themselves, for over 11 years.

She is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Co-Producer of the Total Transformation Show, 'Not Just A Hair Cut’, and known as “The Attraction Queen.”

Michele works with ambitious driven women who want to attract love, but feel like: 
~ They may never find the right one,
~ They’re tired of being disappointed in relationships,
~ And, they’re afraid of wasting more time... and...

She shows them HOW TO breakthrough the sabotaging love blocks, create magnetic confidence, and attract a relationship that’s aligned with who they REALLY are!

After growing through bullying, debilitating anxiety, low self esteem, divorce, and health issues, she’s discovered the truth that we are POWERFUL, Love is POSSIBLE, and all healthy relationships start with SELF! It's everyone’s birth right to create the most extraordinary life imaginable .... especially in LOVE!
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